Odisha Train Accident Update: Train accident would not have happened if there was kavach, what is this Kavach system

Odisha Train Accident: Ever since the tragic train accident in Odisha, many experts are saying that if the Coromandel Express had an Kavach system, perhaps this accident could have been prevented. What is this Kavach system after all? Let’s know.

What is Kavach System?

Actually, whenever a train collides with another train, there can be only two reasons for it. Firstly, the driver of the train has left a signal or the driver is not able to see anything in front of the train. To prevent train accidents in such a situation, the government has created a system called Kavach System.

Whatever electronic and radio frequency devices are installed on the train and track. Due to which whenever two trains running on the same track come face to face, due to the Kavach system installed in both the trains, automatic brakes are applied in both the trains and that train is saved from the accident.

But this system was not installed in the Coromandel Express. Because of which it is being said that this accident happened.

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